A “Teach & Talk” conversation with the expert of your topic of choice – Round 1

During the #CMFF INTERACTIVE morning programme you have a choice of 12 different topics. Experts on these topics will share their wealth of knowledge and lead the table discussion with your peers to learn through en open exchange of challenges and solutions.

Every attendee can join 2 different topics (subject to availability, of course) during the morning programme. During kick-off and the the wrap-up, you will learn the key insights from all 12 subjects.

Contact one of the participating Custo Agencies to obtain acces to the event (choose from full day tickets, including the INTERACTIVE expert program, or afternoon-only tickets to enjoy the keynotes and cases).

During one of the two expert-rounds in the morning, you will join the expert topic of the agency who provided you with access to the morning program. Two weeks before the event (approximately 14 May 2018) you will receive a link to select the second expert subject that you would like to join during the morning program.