Ben Herremans

Ben is senior in many ways: senior writer, senior editor, senior editor in chief. He began as a sports journalist in the early eighties, was  assistant editor in chief for Knack for a long time and is nowadays editor in chief of Trends Style, a lifestyle magazine that looks like a real magazine and yet it’s 100% advertising. His device: don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Journalism & Storytelling

Old school journalism is a lot about storytelling. This goes beyond words, encompassing photographs and videos – the principles remain the same. A story creates meaning for people who have lost their way in an era fraught with algorithms, big data and chaotic social trends. We all feel a compelling need to watch stories, to tell stories… to discuss the things that tell each one of us that we are not alone in the world.

Sad as that may be, consumers are not really interested in ones company and ones product. Along come stories. They’re more impactful than facts. They get attention. They change perceptions. They change attitudes. They get remembered. You need stories to be memorable. To persuade.

Is it a marketeers’ job? No doubt about that. But perhaps, [real] journalists know the tricks of the trade even better. And they lend credibility to the practice of storytelling.

At this expert table, Ben Herremans will answer questions about a journalist’s approach to storytelling.

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