Geert Dewaele

Geert Dewaele (41) loves and lives content. After jobs as a journalist and editor-in-chief he was asked in 2012 by the Flemish public broadcaster VRT to create the successor of Man Bijt Hond, a popular human interest series. As editor-in-chief of Iedereen Beroemd he specialised in the development of successful television formats.

TBWA Belgium, parent company of Headline Publishing, hired Geert recently to start a new department to create audiovisual formats for brands. As Content Director, Geert is committed to produce strong content in the culture of customers and brands.

Branded Content Video: the new storytelling

Every company has content to share with its audience. But how do you make content that manages to stand out in this ever changing, fast-paced world of media? Create brand formats in serial short videos. Find strong stories that are in touch with what your company or brand stands for. Stories that at the same time connect with trending topics in society. Think of great video formats that serve as a mold for those stories. Be creative, turn your audience into content addicts – right up to the point where it wants to binge watch your serial videos. In short, that is what Branded Content Video is about. But what works best? And is video the only medium for this kind of branded content? Is the vlog generation the main target group? Is Branded Video Content preferably non-scripted? Geert Dewaele is more than willing to clarify all this and more @CMFF Brussels 2018.

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