Nele Pieters

Nele Pieters is co-founder of the Community Marketing methodology applied by Community-based Storytelling Agency Hotel Hungaria. Community marketing is the true knowledge of a community that fuels a company’s communications, promotion, R&D, product development and customer service. The unique approach is based on Nele’s years of research and experience as a marketeer for corporations such as P&G, as a management consultant and as an entrepreneur.

The role of Native Advertising in Community Marketing

The key to successful Community Marketing is your company’s ability to truly understand and engage with a community. Native Advertising is a powerful and challenging distribution tactic that can play an important role in this approach. Be it emotional, entertaining or practical, your content must be engaging for those whose attention you wish to attract and retain. This expert-table will be led by experts who can answer questions like “What does it mean to put a community front and center of your business plan?”, “How can you develop a storytelling concept that speaks to a specific community?”, “What are the rules for Best Practices when you use Native Advertising”, “How can individually tailored storytelling create value for your brand?” and “How does Native advertising fit in a distribution mix with other distribution methods”?

The first round will be led by Emmanuelle Thivollard of Maison Moderne, a leading cross media publisher and Content Marketing Agency based in Luxembourg, and the second round will be lead by Nele Pieters of Hotel Hungaria, the Belgian Community-based Storytelling agency that invented the ‘Community-based Story Canvas’. After booking your ticket, you will be invited to choose your preferred expert guide by selecting round 1 or round 2 in the program.

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