Sarah Decombel

Sarah started working for Jansen & Janssen as an editor and account manager in 2012. She has managed the customer portfolios of Lidl, Umicore, Deutsche Bank, Ghent University and Roche Diagnostics, to name only a few. Nowadays, she advises companies in re(de)fining their content marketing strategies and realizing the latter by means of creative content.


How to reinvent your print magazine as a digital touchpoint?

“Help! I still have a print magazine!” This expert table discusses the transition from print to a broader mix of touch points. How do you lead your target audience to an online content hub? And consequently: does a print magazine even make sense? How do you tackle these touch points in order to have them complement each other in the best way possible? How to maintain budgetary control in the process? The expert shares her insights and moderates the debate on the matter.


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