Tatjana Raman

Tatjana Raman is a Media Expert at bpost media where she explores and promotes the experience of In-Home Advertising. She closely follows the latest trends in the media landscape and translates these into strong ideas with the best tips & tricks for new campaigns. With an analytical view and the objectives in mind, she strives for a maximum impact of the message.

Tatjana can build on years of experience at various major media players (Medialaan, Mediahuis & Sanoma), enabling her to build up extensive media expertise within TV, radio, print and online.
No-nonsense, passionate, eager to learn and full of enthusiasm to meet you.

Direct Print Distribution in Content Marketing

Directl Mail seems to be a tactic from generation ago, while it actually is what we are doing more and more in the digital space. Personalisation, direct contact and active deliver. As digital becomes a crowded space and regulation like GDPR influences digital distribution substantially, we see a return interest in Direct Print Distribution in Content Marketing.

At this table the conversation will focus on your questions like: “What are the current regulatory possibilities for direct print distribution?“, “How can direct print distribution be measured?”, “Which type of print concepts are work best in today’s multi-media world?”, “How can direct print distribution be included in a distribution mix to create maximum synergy?” Tatjana Raman will be the expert to answer all questions and moderate the experience exchange between participants at this expert table.

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